Deposition In-Line Inspection

Benefits of Rocsole's Deposition In-Line Inspection (DILI)

Our instrumented ILI tool quantifies and characterizes solid deposits in piggable flow lines and pipelines. Beyond simply preventing blockages, you can use the information gathered from our Deposition In-Line Inspection to:

Maximize production throughput Optimize your pigging program from the number of runs needed to the sizes used Detect blockages in the early phase to avoid significant costs caused by blockages Improve efficiency of integrity campaigns by identifying what deposits are present - and where - before the pipe cleaning process and by ensuring cleanliness of your pipeline before integrity measurements take place

How Our Deposition In-Line Inspection Works

Safe and cost-effective, Rocsole's Deposition In-Line Inspection uses a unique, non-nuclear tomographic instrumented ILI tool that inspects pipelines for exact deposition build-up location, thickness and type. Our non-invasive sensor works in a multiphase flow, allowing production to continue without interruption. There is a minimal risk of the sensor becoming stuck in the pipe because the sensor diameter is significantly smaller than the pipe diameter and the sensor material is flexible foam.

The video below shows how the DILI works in the field. The tests were conducted in Rocsole's facility in a 10" (DN250) pipeline.

Download video (MP4)

How Our DILI Tool Looks Like

Rocsole Deposition ILI Tool
Rocsole's 8" DILI Tool, suitable for scanning 10" pipelines.

Rocsole's DILI tool consists of three different sections with flexible joints, allowing the tool to clear any bends in the pipeline with ease.

Pipeline Deposition Scanning and Monitoring

Deposition In-Line Inspection Concept
Deposition In-Line Inspection Concept

Following the pipeline inspection scan, you receive a visual report on the state of the deposition along the pipeline inspected. The report helps you plan cleaning operations and define future deposition monitoring needs in order to optimize preventative maintenance actions such pigging cycles and dosage of inhibitor chemicals. For continuous monitoring and preventative maintenance, our Deposition Watch can be installed in deposition trouble spots.