Application Lab

Benefits of the Rocsole Application Lab

Want to verify that our tomographic system can monitor your process media? Or that we can monitor a completely new type of application? Send us your samples for testing and we will provide you with a report of test results.

How It Works

Our Application Lab service is easy to use. Follow the steps below:

  1. Deliver MSDS to Rocsole.
  2. Rocsole approves the samples.
  3. Label delivery as "Samples". VAT number for delivery is FI24729218
  4. Deliver samples to following address: Yrittäjäntie 18, FI 70150 Kuopio, FINLAND. Remember to provide the following phone number to the company handling the delivery:: +358 40 028 7383 (Tarja Pikkarainen, logistics)
Application Lab process diagram
Application Lab process diagram

Rocsole Multiphase Loop Lab

At the Rocsole Technology Center laboratory in Kuopio, Finland, we can perform quick static tests with test sensors or execute a more comprehensive pipeline or separator test in multiphase conditions.

Application Lab pipeline
Application Lab separator tank

Application Lab Report Structure

In our report, we explain why the test was taken, how it was conducted, the results and what we can conclude from them. We include cross-sectional images generated by our pipe sensor, with an explanation of what is being seen.

Application Lab report structure
Application Lab report structure