Services for Oil & Gas

Rocsole enables Oil & Gas operators to address flow assurance challenges that previously remained unsolved. Through our specialized services, customers can now see and monitor—in real-time—deposition and flow regimes inside pipes and interfaces and the emulsion layer inside tanks. And we go further, offering technical support services, process optimization packages, and an Application Lab to test our tomographic technologies in customer applications.

Pipeline Deposition Scanning Service

Maximize production throughput, optimize pigging, detect blockages early and improve the efficiency of smart pig integrity campaigns. Learn how our Pipeline Deposition Scanning Service works in a multiphase flow, allowing production to continue without interruption, to inspect pipelines for exact deposition build-up location, thickness and type.

Tank Content Scanning Service

Optimize residence time, ensure higher quality output downstream, prevent corrosion, verify the results of manual sampling and optimize chemical injection. Learn how our Tank Content Scanning Service sees and detects interfaces and measures the water content of the product.

Support Services

To ensure our solutions provide you with continuous benefits, we offer technical support and process optimization packages. Learn more about what is available to our contract customers.

Tomographic Technology Application Lab

Verify or test tomographic technology in your application. We make it cost-effective and quick. Learn more about how our Application Lab works.