Tank Profiler

What Is Tank Profiler?

LITI stands for "Liquid In-Tank Inspection". Here at Rocsole, we developed an intrinsically safe variant of our standard Tank Profiler that can be installed in a tank - not by flange - but cable, allowing the sensor to be moved at will. The sensor can perform accurate tomographical measurements in real time while it is moving, making it a perfect tool for profiling tanks and other large vessels whose dimensions exceed the maximum length of our standard Tank Profiler.

How Capable is Tank Profiler?

Tank Profiler can accurately measure a wide range of liquids and solids typically seen in tanks. As with our standard Tank Profiler, Tank Profiler can accurately detect location, thickness and conductivity of different layers, including gases, liquids, emulsions, sludges and solids, and continuously detect changes in these layers. It can also measure water cut in oil.

Because of Rocsole's See Beyond technology, Tank Profiler is not affected by contamination, e.g. layer of sludge accumulated on the sensor's surface.

Installation Targets

Tank Profiler is installed to a tank from the top by using an intrinsically safe metallic cable conductor. The same conductor contains data and power lines. The power feed cabinet is installed outside of the tank (Zone 1 or safe zone).

Tank Profiler installation in a tank
Tank Profiler installation in a tank.

Is the Tank Profiler Safe to Operate?

Absolutely. Tank Profiler is IECEx Zone 0 certified, and can be safely installed into a hazardous environment.

The power is fed from a IECEx Zone 1 certified power feed cabinet (installed outside of the tank) to the sensor via intrinsically safe cable conductor, and the terminal (e.g. All-in-One PC), which is used to process the measurements and display the results, can be installed up to 200 m / 600 ft from the tank.

With the system installed, certain manual sampling operations in the hazardous environment surrounding the tank can be effectively replaced with Tank Profiler.

How Tank Profiler Works?

The sensor is in many ways the same as our standard Tank Profiler; see the video below for the operating principle.

For more information about our technology, please visit FAQ / Technology and See Beyond.

Sensor Types

Tank Profiler is available in various sizes. Fill out our form and we'll guide you to select the best possible option for your process.

  • Body material
    • Standard: 1.4404 (316L stainless steel)
    • Optional: Carbon steel
    • Optional: Super duplex
  • Liquid temperature
    • Standard: 0 - 155 °C
  • Additional sizes and variations may be available upon request.

Request a Tank Profiler

Head to Request a Sensor page, fill out the form and wait for our swift reply.

Delivery Content


Delivery Content of an IECEx Certified Tank Profiler
Delivery Content of an IECEx Certified Tank Profiler
Download large image (PDF).


Delivery Content of a standard, non-IECEx Tank Profiler
Delivery Content of a standard, non-IECEx Tank Profiler
Download large image (PDF).