Here at Rocsole, we developed an intrinsically safe variant of our standard Separator Profiler that can be installed in a tank - not by flange - but cable, allowing the sensor to be moved at will. The sensor can perform accurate tomographical measurements in real time while it is moving, making it a perfect tool for profiling tanks and other large vessels whose dimensions exceed the maximum length of our standard Separator Profiler.

How Our Caisson Profiler Works

The sensor is in many ways the same as our standard Separator Profiler; see the video below for the operating principle.

For more information about our technology, please visit FAQ / Technology and See Beyond.

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Caisson Profiler works just as well as any nucleonic devices, but without the cost and risks associated with owning and operating nucleonic devices. Furthermore, the full profiling of the tanks contents means less hazardous manual sampling operations, reducing health and safety risks for personnel on-site, whether they are subcontractors or permanent staff.

Download "Rocsole Profiler For Emulsion Monitoring In Tanks" (PDF)

Caisson Profiler utilizes Rocsole's See Beyond principle - it is not affected by contamination.

Rocsole Caisson Profiler is See Beyond compliant.

Caisson Profiler Features

Caisson Profiler can accurately detect and locate oil-water-gas interfaces in a caisson. Utilizing an intrinsically safe electronics cabinet, conductor and MIL-SPEC signal cabling, it is safe to install and operate and works in depths up to 25 m/80 ft.

Caisson Profiler provides full or partial interface profile of a caisson.
Caisson Profiler provides full or partial interface profile of a caisson.

Because of Rocsole's See Beyond technology, Caisson Profiler is not affected by contamination, e.g. layer of sludge accumulated on the sensor's surface.

Caisson Profiler Improves Wastewater Management

Offshore wastewater management requires huge amounts of resources. For every barrel of oil produced, three barrels of wastewater is created. Treating a single barrel of contaminated water costs anywhere between $1-$3 USD, accumulating to a multi-million dollar expense in a very short timespan.

Monitoring levels and water-oil interfaces in caissons is a significant advantage for preventing costly incidents and optimizing water treatment procedures. Avoid unplanned shutdowns and prevent unnecessary water treatment expenses with Caisson Profiler!

Sensor Types

Caisson Profiler is available in various sizes. Fill out our form and we'll guide you to select the best possible option for your process.

  • Body material
    • Standard: 1.4404 (316L stainless steel)
    • Optional: Carbon steel
    • Optional: Super duplex
  • Liquid temperature
    • Standard: 0 - 155 °C
  • Additional sizes and variations may be available upon request.

Delivery Content

Rocsole Profiler delivery content includes:

  • Profiler
  • Electrical cabinet
  • All-in-One computer
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Power cable
  • Ex-e gland for power & RS-422

Delivery Content of an IECEx Certified Caisson Profiler
Delivery Content of an IECEx Certified Caisson Profiler (cabinet-on-tank installation)
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