Precision Instrumentation for Semiconductor Industry

Where would the world be without semiconductors? They have penetrated every imaginable part of our lives in one form or another and the demand for semiconductors is something that won't just cease. The competition in semiconductor industry is fierce, and what we will see are smaller, more powerful and more energy efficient components. Each new generation of components has to be better than the old one, and this creates a demand for high-accuracy measurement and monitoring in the production processes.

Rocsole knows how important high-quality semiconductors are; our sensors would not be possible if it weren't for them. We also have solutions to tackle the problems faced in the semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Measure Deposition in Pipelines

Deposition causes all kinds of problems with pipelines as we all know. Best case scenario, you'll have some measurable but otherwise minor penalty to the process efficieny. Worst case scenario, you'll have a complete, unplanned shutdown that disrupts production for prolonged period of time.

Luckily, pipeline deposition measurement is the most common application our pipeline sensors have been used for, and we have honed it to perfection. Read more about our pipeline solutions here.

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