Outotec's FeedGuard Product Applied Rocsole's Tomographic Platform

Outotec chose Rocsole to deliver the latest tomographical platform to be used in Outotec's FeedGuard systems.

"Our aim was to increase the productivity of the concentrate burner and to provide an accurate mass flow measurement. As a base for our product we have been applying Rocsole’s tomographic platform to do the mass flow measurement. A measurement accuracy of 1% has been observed during the pilot project."
"This FeedGuard solution brings clear benefits to our customers like spotting disturbances and blockages during feeding. In addition to that a non-uniform feed is detected and can be corrected fast"

- Peter Björklund, Technology Manager at Outotec Finland Oy

Case study of this system is available here.

SSAB Extended Cleaning Interval For Process Pipes With Rocsole's Deposition Watch

Rocsole delivered Pipe Sensor with Deposition Watch to SSAB's plant in Raahe, Finland to help SSAB in deposition management in the process pipelines.

"The Deposition Watch has been in continuous use for two and a half years. The device clearly resulted in a better understanding of process pipeline deposition management. The device enabled us to monitor the impact of various development measures on water quality and deposit buildup. In this way, we were able to fi nd the conditions that reduced deposition, thus extending the pipe cleaning interval."
In addition, we were able to influence the properties of the deposits, which made it easier to clean them. These factors create a competitive advantage for SSAB in the form of reduced process costs and increased productivity. There are now fewer scheduled process stoppages, and the pipelines are in productive use with fewer cleaning cycles.

- Timo Paananen, SSAB

Case study of this system is available here.

CABB Improved Decantation Process With Rocsole's Flow Watch

Rocsole, in collaboration with CABB, developed a tomographical, ATEX certified system to monitor reactor vessel phase boundary in outlet pipe during decantation process.

Flow Watch offers, after a long time, a complete new approach to process monitoring. Before there has not been a solution for realibly monitoring the phase boundary in decantation process and monitoring of the vortex effect has not been possible at all.
I believe Flow Watch technology has great potential to become the next breakthrough within the field of process monitoring. CABB’s goal is to remain as the forerunner of chemical industry in order to offer our customers the best possible chemical solutions. That is why we want to be involved in the development of new generation process monitoring solutions as Flow Watch.

- Sami Heikkinen, Plant Service Manager at CABB

Case study of this system is available here.

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