Rocsole's Tomographical Solutions for Pulp & Paper Industry

Pulp & paper, like most industries, has numerous different processes which require constant monitoring to avoid issues, mainly from the complex chemical processes, involving condensates and black liquor, used in chemical pulping. Proper monitoring and management of these processes is important for minimizing the environmental effects. Other problems, e.g. liquor foaming and scaling, can also be major performance impediments in the process.

Rocsole's sensors are designed to withstand the process conditions in pulp & paper industry and are not affected by scaling or other factors that can disrup the function of traditional instrumentation. Our sensor have been succesfully deployed in pulp & paper industry previously.

Monitor Chemical Injections

It is easy to monitor how much chemicals are injected into the process, but seeing the mixing efficiency is another story, especially if the process conditions allow the flow to be stratified.

We have flow monitoring solutions that can see the mixing efficiency or homogeneity in the pipeline, even when scaling is present.

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Detect Foaming

Liquor foaming can be harmful both to the process and the environment. Foaming can disturb the process, to a point of unplanned downtime, and increases the amount of chemicals in the wastewater, therefore increasing the environmental hazards and the cost of wastewater treatment. Therefore detecting foaming early gives more time to address the issue before it becomes an actual problem.

Rocsole's pipeline flow monitoring solutions can do just that even when scaling is present.

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Monitor Scaling

Scaling is one of the more common problems in pipelines and its effect to process performance is well known. Typical way to prevent – or in some cases remove – scaling is the use of antiscalant chemicals. While these chemicals are known to be effective, they are often being overdosed to achieve the desired effect, causing unnecessary costs. Overuse can also increase the price of wastewater treatment costs.

Rocsole's sensors can measure scaling very accurately and nonintrusively, helping pulp mills to optimize the use of antiscalants and also reduce wastewater treatment costs.

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