Probe Sensor Introduction

High-end Probe Sensor for applications demanding high-resolution separator emulsion thickness and location detection. The Probe Sensor can be installed at an existing flange. The same sensor is also used to monitor solid levels in a separator, enabling setting off alarms when the solid levels reach a configured point in the vessel. Emulsion Watch is the best option when existing measurement technologies are failing, for example measuring emulsion layers or if non-radioactive technology is a requirement.

Sensor Features

  • A flanged connection – available in many flange sizes and probe lengths
  • Allows visualization of emulsion thickness and location and monitoring of solid levels (see Probe Sensor Applications & Services)
  • Easy to install and maintain without any moving parts
  • Without radioactive sources, safe to use and hassle-free from regulations
  • No calibration needed – The system visualizes right after powering up the system
  • For other information about the sneosr,s visit our FAQ page
  • See Beyond -compliant

How It Works?

The video below shows how Probe Sensor actually works. If you want to know more about our technology, more information is available at FAQ, Technology and See Beyond pages.

Installation Targets

Probe Sensor can be installed in a variety of different containers. Rocsole offers three standardized sizes (see Probe lenght table), other sizes may be available on request. Maximum length of the probe is around 4.8 m, including the measuring section of 3 m.

Due to the flexible size options, Probe Sensor can be installed in a wide variety of tanks and separators. In separators under 3 m tall, the preferable installation method is to use a flange connection on top of the separator.

Probe Sensor top installation in a separator
Probe Sensor top installation in a separator.

In larger tanks – over 3 m – it is recommended to install the Probe Sensor to the side of the tank, using a standard flange connection. For full profiling of even the largest tanks, multiple sensors may be installed on different positions.

Probe Sensor side installation
Probe Sensor side installation in a tank.

Sensor Types

Available sizes shown in table below. Click on desired configuration to proceed to quotation request or to ask details from a technician.

Select units
Size PN16
232 psi
290 psi
986 psi
DN80 Choose Choose Choose
DN100 Choose Choose Choose
Size Class 150
200 psi
Class 300
705 psi
Class 600
1405 psi
3” Choose Choose Choose
4” Choose Choose Choose
Probe length
Measurement length 1 m 2 m 3 m
Free length in the
vessel / separator*
0 m 0.75 m 1.5 m

* Free length is the length of a section on the probe inside the separator where measurement is not needed.

  • Body material
    • Standard: 1.4404 (316L stainless steel)
    • Optional: Carbon steel
    • Optional: Super duplex
  • Liquid temperature
    • Standard: 0 - 155 °C
  • Additional sizes and variations may be available upon request.

Request a Probe Sensor

Head to Request a Sensor page, fill out the form and wait for our swift reply.