Tomography in Pharmaceutics

Not many industries can claim to follow purity and quality guidelines as strict as pharmaceutical industry. This should not come as a surprise as the quality is paramount to the whole industry, and the companies producing life-saving drugs are under constant scrutiny by the supervisory authorities.

What may surprise some people is that pharmaceutical production lines utilize tanks and pipelines in the same way as any other industry. After all, producing products for global consumption mandates – along with the competition – that the production is scaled up from the laboratory research to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible without sacrificing the product quality.

With industrial production environment come the industrial production challenges. Monitoring the processes can be difficult and depending on the processes, tanks and pipelines can have secrets worth finding out. Implementing tomographical monitoring solutions is a safe way to reveal these secrets. Our devices can do just that, and then some, safely and without risk of contamination.

Monitor Moisture and Homogeneity in Tanks and Pipelines

Powders are a common medium in pharmaceutical processes. Being a key element in a significant portion of pharmaceutical products, the quality of the powders needs to be regularly monitored and scrutinized for ensuring that the end product meets the quality requirements. Homogeneity is one thing, but other, far more problematic aspect is moisture. Moisture does not only affect the quality of the end product but it also impedes the production performance.

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