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Progress is the key element when thinking about science, technology and industries. New will eventually become old and "good enough" will not be enough. Some problems may be regarded as complicated. Unsolvable. Cost of doing business. Necessary evil. Not worth the hassle.

We don't believe it. This is why Rocsole is dedicated to continuously create and develop new tomographical methods and applications to solve problems that are hard to address realiably with traditional instrumentation.

Tomographic Platform

Does your process have non-standard mechanics that need monitoring but suitable solutions are hard to find? Our tomographic platform is a flexible way to implement world-leading ECT imaging to your process.

Using our fine-tuned, non-nucleonic electronics and our industry-leading software, we can create monitoring solution that serves your process.

Tomographic platform
Rocsole's tomographic platform consists of out measurement electronics and a software which can be configured to work with any mechanics.

We have spared no expenses in the development of our precise, field-proven and rock-solid measurement electronics that can certified to be used in hazardous Ex environments. Contact us today to see what leading-edge tomographical technology looks like!

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