Rocsole presented as case Born Global – how to commercialize technology

Rocsole’s CTO Pasi Laakkonen shared his thoughts on how to successfully commercialize a technology in Talentree’s blog. Talentree is a full service business accelerator for companies pursuing fast growth. Talentree offers wide range of services, including consulting, coaching, market research, and outsourcing services, to ensure a successful growth path for the partner companies.

The blog is in Finnish, but as a brief summary for the non-Finnish speaking readers, Pasi mentioned key factors to the success being:

1. Listen to the customer customers do not buy technology, they buy services and simplicity they need

2. Start selling and go global as quickly as possible develop solutions with the customers to make sure they really need it

3. Build an expert team supporting your company’s core competences outsource the non-core functions and get the absolute right people to take care of the core ones

4. Ask for help and advice if you have a good business idea, do not hesitate to ask for help in making it a success from those, who are experts in commercialization – for this, Rocsole is also available

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