How Can Mining Industry Benefit From Rocsole's Systems?

Like all the other primary sectors, mining is one of the most important industries, providing modern society the building blocks it requires to prosper. Any modern technology would not exist if it wasn't for the mining industry and its innovations. But like all the other raw material industries, it is also very demanding for the tools and measurement and monitoring equipment deployed on the field. Complex processes are also challenging to monitor precisely. This impedes performance and creates costs on daily basis.

Rocsole's sensors are tough and can withstand the wear and tear mining industry processes throws at it. It can also reduce costs by providing accurate monitoring in difficult process environments and seeing anomalies that would otherwise go unnoticed. All this accumulates to better production, less waste and ultimately, less costs. Rocsole also has provided tomographical platform to other mining applications, too.

Measure Froth and Sand in Flotation Cells

It is well known that flotation cells are essential components in any modern mineral processing plant. They are tricky to monitor accurately though. Traditionally the cells are monitored optically, and while modern systems have been honed over the years to provide sufficiently accurate data, they really can't see beneath the surface. In addition, measuring sand layers inside the cells requires different equipment altogether.

There is a way to kill two birds with one stone. Rocsole's advanced tomographical measurement devices not only can see beyond the surface, but also monitor the process way below. It also isn't susceptible to changes in the process parameters, but continues to provide accurate data reliably day after day.

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