Tomography in Food Processing

Food processing is very large and varied industry. The goal is always the same: to provide clean, safe, high-quality and ultimately tasty products to the consumers, both locally and globally. The processes it uses are numerous, each of which poses a different challenge.

Some of the widely used processes in food processing are prime targets for safe, tomographical sensors and applications. Not only could they help the process itself (tank and pipeline monitoring, better maintenance predictions etc.) but it can also yield valuable insights to the quality assurance.

Rocsole's devices are safe and suitable for monitoring processes in food processing industry.

Detect Changes Inside Tanks

Tanks – whether they're part of the actual manufacturing process or just for storage – are necessary, but more than often their monitoring is limited to few basic parameters. What remains unseen is what might happen inside the tank: separation, stratification, precipitation among other things that would affect end product quality negatively. Actually seeing these things happen is a huge benefit as it allows the operators to adjust the process accordingly and see its effects in real time.

Tomographical applications for tanks are perfect for solving these kinds of problems. Not only is electrical tomography safe, Rocsole's devices perform well, even when there are multiple different phases or deposition on the sensor's surface.

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Inspect Mixing Efficiency and Homogeneity

One of the main concerns when dealing with different mediums is the quality control, typically seeing the mixing efficiency (e.g. after injection of additives) and homogeneity (like particle sizes or mixture of particles and liquids). Determining if the pipelines are carrying a product of desired quality is VERY hard, nigh on impossible with traditional instrumentation.

Not only are tomographical sensors safe, they can also solve these kind of challenges reliably with all kinds of different mediums.

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