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Whether you are developing your own sensor, willing to implement our See Beyond technology to it or otherwise just willing to know if your process could benefit from Rocsole's technology, we are ready and willing to help you achieve your goals.

If you have a sensor or application of your own but do not have a facility to test it in, our multiphase flow loop testing facility might be the perfect choice for you. Our highly configurable flow loop and separators can be modified to facilitate devices of various sizes. Read more here.

If you have a special process (specialized mechanics or special mediums) and are not sure whether tomography could be of any help, our application lab can test the samples and determine what can be measured and how those measurements can help in optimizing or monitoring the process. Read more here.

Multiphase Loop Lab

At the Rocsole Technology Center laboratory in Kuopio, Finland, we can perform quick static tests with test sensors or execute a more comprehensive pipeline or separator test in multiphase conditions.

Rocsole's customizable flow loop can be automated.

The pipeline in our flow loop can fit devices designed for DN700 / 28" pipelines or smaller. The facility also has a crane and well-equipped workspaces.

Sample Testing

Not all samples or processes are equal. That is why Rocsole offers services for verifying the suitability of tomography and See Beyond technology in your process. Want to verify that our tomographic system can monitor your process media? Or that we can monitor a completely new type of application? Send us your samples for testing and we will provide you with a report of test results.

Verify our system's ability to provide value on-site Agilely test new applications
Application Lab process diagram
Application Lab process diagram

Rocsole offers two options for testing samples: either send the samples to Rocsole or request the Probe Demo package (including Separator Profiler) for testing samples yourself. If you want us to test your samples, follow the steps below:

  1. Deliver MSDS to Rocsole.
  2. Rocsole approves the samples.
  3. Label delivery as "Samples". VAT number for delivery is FI24729218

Send samples to following address:

Rocsole Test Facility
Katekuja 4, halli 9
70910 Vuorela

Contact person for deliveries is Kalle Kärkkäinen.
tel: +358 40 014 8660

After testing the samples, we'll send you our report. In our report, we explain why the test was taken, how it was conducted, the results and what we can conclude from them. We include cross-sectional images generated by our pipe sensor, with an explanation of what is being seen.

Application Lab report structure
Application Lab report structure

Contact us and we'll find the suitable solution for your needs!

Lacking A Testing Facility?

Contact us to get started.

We are here to help you, don't hesitate to contact us!

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