Tomography for Consumer Goods

FMCG is a huge industry; there's a lot of different (and differently produced) consumer goods under it's umbrella. Many of these consumer goods are produced using similar techniques or processes than in other industries, in vast quantities and with very thin margins. Any production losses, regardless where they stem from, will quickly diminish those thin margins, as will all the other unexpected expenses e.g. replacing existing monitoring equipment.

Lack of monitoring and failing instrumentation is a typical, major issue when talking about production problems. In some processes, the hostile environment takes it toll on the instrumentation or cannot even be monitored in traditional fashion. Tomographical devices can overcome these problems as they are not susceptible to wear & tear like typical monitoring equipment because the measurements are based on the electrical properties of the mediums in the process.

Pipeline Deposition & Flow Monitoring

Reliable deposition and flow monitoring, especially when doing both simultaneously, is very hard. Not only can Rocsole's devices measure deposition layer thickness or the flow regime, but it can do both – simultaneously.

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Tank and Separator Scanning & Profiling

Getting a full profile of a tank, separator or a similar vessel is no mean feat and the value of that information cannot be overstated. It is one thing to know the liquid or solid level inside such vessel, but seeing the position and thickness of the different layers – if multiphase – is something that process engineers can only dream about.

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Custom Mechanics

Special vessels require special solutions. Luckily Rocsole's tomographic platform is not limited to tanks, separators and pipelines, but can be applied to other vessels made from different material, even plastic.

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