Product Videos


Description Format Size Download
Rocsole DILI MP4 13.7 MB Download
Sand-Water-Oil interface Imaging with a Clean and a Contaminated Probe WMV 21.5 MB Download
Slug Flow 3D Imaging in a Process Pipe with Mineral Scaling MP4 4.08 MB Download
Imaging of Slug Flow in a Pipe WMV 55.1 MB Download
Deposition Watch - Imaging and Monitorign Deposition Inside Process Pipelines WMV 44.4 MB Download
Moisture Measurement of Coal Powder WMV 29.9 MB Download
Monitoring Void Fraction in a Two-Phase Gas-Powder Flow WMV 3.92 MB Download
Imaging of Sand Layer in a Pipe with Water and Gas WMV 3.74 MB Download
Imaging of Multilayers Inside a Process Pipe WMV 945 kB Download