How Can Energy Storage Industry Benefit from Tomographical Applications?

Energy storage industry is a fast-growing industry. World is going through a major change; not only the ways of generating electrical energy, but so are the ways of storing it. Modern electrical applications require more efficient, more compact batteries. EVs are becoming a common sight on the road, wireless peripherals can be now found in almost every home and rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular non-rechargeable primary cells.

Production of batteries and cells is not slowing down, that's for sure. What isn't changing, is the nature of cell manufacturing. It still is a mix of metallurgy, chemistry and difficult and complex industrial processes. These processes can be very difficult to monitor and control to deliver products or components that have the desired electrochemical performance.

Slurry and Deposition Measurement

The first step in the assembly of cell is the deposition of a suspension containing the active material, conducting material and polymeric binder in a solvent on to a film. This is followed by drying, calendaring and sizing of the electrodes. The multistep manufacturing process of battery electrodes need to be closely controlled; slurries are a very complex suspension system containing large percentage of solid particles of different chemicals, sizes and shapes in a highly viscous media.

A thorough mixing of slurry is essential for homogeneity. Rheological properties of slurries affect important attributes: slurry stability, ease of mixing and coating performance, which impact finished electrodes. Processing conditions can have an impact on the rheology of the resulting suspension, too. Density and viscosity quantify flow properties and characterise the degree of structure within the sample and the extent to which solid- or liquid-like behaviour dominates.

Determining homogeneity or measuring deposition in such conditions can be a major challenge, but can be achieved by utilizing leading-edge electronics and electrical capacitance tomography. Head to Solutions for Pipeliens to learn more.

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