How Rocsole's Technology Improves Chemical Industry Processes?

Chemical industry utilizes numerous different processes in various vessels. While the processes are well-known, tried and true, they still have a factor of uncertainty. While there are ways to mitigate these uncertainties, Rocsole's devices are designed to eliminate that uncertainty.

Utilizing our See Beyond technology, our sensors are not affected by contamination and work accurately even in conditions where heavy deposition is expected. Furthermore, Rocsole's sensors can be tailored to work even in outright hostile environments, including high temperatures, corrosive materials and explosive atmospheres.

For achieving the highest possible quality in the end product, all the processes leading up to the end product should be perfect, too.

Profile Tanks and Other Vessels

Seeing the benefits in a solution that can profile entire tanks and detect different layers and interfaces accurately is a no-brainer. Long-term storage can bring on undesired phenomena, affecting negatively on the quality of the product.

Quality assurance needs quality tools for the job. Rocsole is happy to help.

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Improve Decantation Process

Decantation processes have risks that can be difficult to address properly. Process automation in such targets using traditional measurement devices can be unreliable and using manual labor to supervise the process may pose severe health and safety risks or environmental risks.

Unreliable supervision or measurements fed to automation during decantation is a real problem as it leads to unnecessary waste or degradation of quality in the end product. This is an issue that Rocsole has helped to solve before.

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Monitor Deposition, Flow and Mixing Efficiency

Pipelines, the veins of a chemical plant. Regardless of how important they are to the business, they can contain secrets. Pipelines are there to solve a problem, but they might as well cause or reveal one nobody really acknowledged. Whether it is excessive deposition, turbulent flow or mixing problem earlier in the process, they are problems that deserve to be eliminated.

Rocsole's pipeline solutions are designed to improve the process by revealing what you couldn't see before.

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