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Rocsole Flow Watch

Optimizing multiphase flows in pipelines is difficult without knowing exactly what happens inside the pipeline. For example, the flow might contain unexpected gas slugs that cause major problems further along in the process.

Finally, there is a solution to continuously monitor flow regimes and address different flow assurance challenges.

Rocsole's Flow Watch offers a new way to improve your flow assurance by showing a real-time view of the flow inside a pipeline. Providing accurate online flow data, our solution enables you to:

How Our Flow Watch Works

Utilizing non-nuclear tomographic technology, our system visualizes and monitors the flow regime, including slugs, stratified flow, water holdup and mixed or turbulent flow, inside the pipeline on the entire cross-sectional area with See Beyond -compliant technology.

Optimize Pipe Flow Conditions to Manage Slugging

Full Flow Visualization Capabilities of Flow Watch
Full Flow Visualization Capabilities of Flow Watch

The video below shows gas slugs in oil-water-gas multiphase flow in a horizontal pipeline.

The video below shows gas slugs in oil-water-gas multiphase flow in a vertical pipeline.

Full-bore Pipe Sensor is required for multiphase flow visualization.

Water Cut and Water Holdup Measurement in Stratified Conditions

Oil/water flow visualization
Oil/water flow visualization

See Mixing Efficiency

By deploying Flow Watch with the Pipe Sensor, mixing efficiency or mixing ratio can be measured by analyzing the homogeneity of the flow, even through deposition layer.

Optimize Multiphase Metering by Seeing Flow Regime

Our Flow Watch is able to image the flow regime despite deposition build-up inside the pipe wall. The video below demonstrates imaging of air slug flow in a pipeline with air-water multiphase flow and calcium carbonate scaling build-up inside or on the sensor wall.

Multiphase Pipe Flow Visualization in 2D and 3D
Multiphase Pipe Flow Visualization in 2D
Multiphase Pipe Flow Visualization in 2D

Cost-effectively Monitor Background Conductivity or Permittivity and Different Phases in a Single Phase Flow

In cases where multiphase visualization is not required and where full-bore Pipe Sensor is not a viable solution due to mechanical reasons, a Plug Sensor can be applied as a cost-effective way to detect presence of an oil, water, emulsion or a gas phase in a single phase flow or phases that travel through the vicinity of the Plug Sensor. The effective measurement range of Plug Sensor is roughly half of the sensor diameter.

To detect if the flow has stagnated or to measure background conductivity/permittivity, Plug Sensor requires a water cut of more 10% or more in the flow.

Compensate External Volumetric Flow Measurement Device Readings

Due to our See Beyond -principle, our sensors are a perfect supplement for any existing system that is affected by either contamination or deposition.

Field test: Multiphase Flow Visualization

Rocsole's tomographic pipe sensor was installed into a multiphase loop to visualize the flow inside the pipeline. Mixture of oil, water and gas was run through the pipe, while the sensor imaged the flow online. The sensor was placed after T-tube conditioner which is the reason the flow regime is quite annular.

Installation setup
Installation setup
The below chart contains videos of the sensor's tomographic visualization with various oil/water/air contents. In the test matrix flow velocity of the gas was varied between 0-250 m3/h and flow velocity of the liquids between 0-130 m3/h.

Rocsole's tomographic system works from full gas to full liquid conditions also in case of conductive liquids.

Water-continuous liquid phase

Color scale is fixed so that the conductivity of pure water equals 1. Conductivity decreases with increasing amount of gas and/or oil.

Gas Oil Water Q total (Am3/h) Rocsole meter flow speed (m/s) Video
37 % 30 % 33 % 135.00 6.62 Download
24 % 28 % 48 % 128.00 6.28 Download
30 % 0 % 70 % 100.00 4.91 Download
0 % 20 % 80 % 70.00 3.43 Download
95 % 0 % 5 % 100.00 4.91 Download
98 % 0 % 2 % 255.00 12.51 Download
0 % 0 % 100 % 130.00 6.38 Download

Oil-continuous liquid phase

Color scale is fixed so that the permittivity of pure oil equals 1. Permittivity increases with increasing amount of water. Permittivity of gas is lower than that of oil.

Gas Oil Water Q total (Am3/h) Rocsole meter flow speed (m/s) Video
50 % 45 % 5 % 110.00 5.40 Download
0 % 80 % 20 % 70.00 3.43 Download
0 % 100 % 0 % 130.00 6.38 Download

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