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Rocsole Emulsion Watch

Now there's an alternative to nucleonic devices. Seeing and measuring a separator's emulsion layer or solid level, as well as providing a full profile of the separator, Rocsole's Emulsion Watch is non-radioactive, works when contaminated with Rocsole's See Beyond -technology and allows you to:

How Our Emulsion Watch Works

Utilizing leading-edge tomographic technology, our Emulsion Watch is a real-time, non-radioactive monitoring solution that physically sees and measures a tank’s emulsion layer, improving separation efficiency by optimizing residence time and resulting in higher quality output downstream. Process imaging and measurement is accomplished using a sensor, which is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. The system works with solids, foams, liquids and gas.

Sand-Water-Oil interface Imaging with a Clean and a Contaminated Probe WMV 21.5 MB Download

Emulsion Watch Can Be Installed In a Wide Variety of Vessels

The sensor can be installed in a variety of different containers. Maximum length of the sensor is around 4.8 m, including the measuring section of 3 m. Installation method depends on the height of the container, larger containers require a larger sensor so to maximize the efficiency of the measuring section on the sensor and the imaging and the profiling of the containers contents, side flange can be used to achieve best results.

Installation In Separators

In separators under 3 m tall, it is recommended to use the Separator Profiler. the preferable installation method is to use a flange connection on top of the separator.

Sensor separator installation
Separator Profiler installation

Installation In Tanks

For tanks and other large storage vessels, Rocsole offers a new Tank Profiler sensor. The sensor is installed from the top using a intrinsically safe cable conductor for power and data. This type of installation is usually easy to perform and makes the vertical positioning of the sensor very easy. The electronics/power feed unit is IECEx Zone 1 certified, while the sensor itself is Zone 0 certified, making it safe to use in every process.

Tank Profiler installation
Tank Profiler installation

Improve Separation Efficiency by Optimizing the Emulsion

In Oil & Gas operations, it is very difficult to identify what is happening inside a separator, tank or other vessel. Installing Emulsion Watch is a real eye-opener as it will allow operators to see everything in real time.

Detecting different layers of emulsion, liquids and solids in large containers without proper instruments is hard and yields unreliable results.
Detecting different layers of emulsion and different liquids in large containers without proper instruments is hard and yields unreliable results.
Separator Profiler can perform a full profiling of the contents inside a separator.
Separator Profiler can perform a full profiling of the liquids inside a separator.
In larger tanks, single Separator Profiler can perform an accurate profile of the contents up to 10 ft (maximum measurement length of a standard size Separator Profiler). This figure shows the side installation of Separator Profiler. Multiple Separator Profilers can be installed in a single tank for a more comprehensive profiling of the tank's contents.
In larger tanks, single Tank Profiler can perform an accurate profile of the liquids up to 10 ft (maximum measurement length of a standard size Tank Profiler).

In short, the benefits of Separator Profiler with Emulsion Watch are clear:

100% full real-time profiling of the tank's liquid contents Emulsion profile, location and thickness detection Can be easily integrated into any existing automation system

If you are interested in seeing solid layers in separators, please have a look at Sand Watch.

Rocsole's Webroc UI
Rocsole's Webroc UI provides a real-time visualization of the separator. Left: a setup with oil, emulsion and water. Right: A tomographic image where emulsion layer can be seen as red. Next to image, a conductivity profile where emulsion is shown as a slope. Other trends are interface position trend and interface (emulsion) conductivity trend

Avoid the Cost of Ownership Associated With Radioactive Devices

Rocsole's technology is based on a safe electric measurement technology. It doesn't need any certifications related to nucleonic sources and their transport or usage on the field.

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