Rocsole Profiler is a proven, high-performance sensor, which enables you to accurately measure and control the distribution of fluids (water, oil, gas, emulsion, sand, sludge) in separators and tanks in real time – a high value for any field to be operated with the purpose of maximizing production adn with lean OPEX. Rocsole Profiler is a safe, field calibration free, non-nucleonic device that gives a real-time profiling for oil and gas operators. The technology is to be applied for onshore, topsides, subsea applications and it is designed for demanding industrial conditions. Rocsole's technology is developed in a way that it doesn't get bogged down by contamination and it can effectively image separation despite deposition or any other contamination.

Separator Profiler

In separators under 3 m/10 ft. tall, it is recommended to use the Separator Profiler sensor. The preferable installation method is to use a flange connection on top of the separator.

Separator Profiler

Tank Profiler

For tanks and other large storage vessels, Rocsole offers the Tank Profiler sensor. The sensor is installed from the top useing an intrinsically safe cable conductor for power and data. This type of installation is usually easy to perform and makes the vertical positioning of the sensor very easy. The electronics and power feed unit is IECEx Zone 1 certified, while the sensor itself is Zone 0 certified, making it safe to use in every process.

Tank Profiler

Rocsole Profiler Vs. Nucleonic Device

Rocsole Profiler was installed to a separator in a medium scale three-phase flow loop. Test runs were performed between November 6th, 2018 and November 26th, 2018. Raw measurements were recorded with approximately 1 Hz frame rate. 127 density profiles were recorded with a nucleonic gamma scanner. Gamma scanner moves vertically and gives point-wise measurements (one complete scan taking 15-20 minutes). Profiler measures conductivities, which are converted to water cut and then compared to profiles produced by the gamma scanner. This document contains result comparisons of both sensors with a one minute time resolution. All the results from Rocsole Profiler are computed with a same set of algorithms and parameters.

The purpose of the test campaign was to verify the performance of the Rocsole profiler vs. typical nucleonic device (reference)
Rocsole Nucleonic
Measurement time 1 second 15-20 minutes
Installation type Fixed Vertical movement
(0.04 in/s, 1.00 mm/s)
Operating principle Electrical conductivity * Density *
Rocsole profiler was installed in a 3-phase separator in a closed medium scale multi-phase flow loop. Test runs were performed between November 6th, 2018 and November 26th, 2018.
Note that Gamma water cut (cyan) is closer to the first water cut profile in the bottom part of the tank …and close to the last profile in upper part of the tank.
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Rocsole's tomographic systems are designed for demanding industrial conditions, but are also very easy to install and maintain and do not contain any moving parts. System is field calibration free and technology is certified for hazardous areas. All the images and trends produced from the raw measurements are available through a web-based user interface as well as standard automation connections, including analog mA signals and Modbus. The benefits of this patented technology include:

  • Avoid H2S safety risk when working with manual samples in tanks
  • Safe, improved HSE
  • Reduced admin
  • Oil field life cycle optimization
  • Increased production throughput
  • Reduced need for Shutdowns & optimized chemical costs
  • Improved separation efficiency by optimizing the emulsion
  • Real-time process optimization
  • Improves asset environmental compliance
  • Low maintenance
  • 24/7 data monitoring all data to database


In oil and gas industry it is very beneficial to accurately see the contents of separators and tanks in real-time for various reasons, including production maximization and minimization of downtime. So far, the marget has been lacking a non-nucleonic, environmentally safe solution that provides full profiles of vessels in real time.

Rocsole Profiler is based on electrical tomographu (ET) technology, where known voltage is applied to the periphery of the target via an appropriate electrode configuration. This will induce an eletrical potential that depends on the material distribution of the targe. The effects of material dsitribution are measured with the electrodes attached on the periphery of the target domain. With suitable mathematical models and data processing algorithms are determined of material distributions in the region of interest. With Rocsole Emulsion Watch profiler, the end result is an electrical conductivity profile of a separator, or a tank, from which different materials (gas, oil, water, emulsion etc.) are monitored. Furthermore, the conductivity profile is transformed to a water cut profile, from where an operator monitors the interfaces of different material layers in real time.

Profiler Technology

Profiler Works When Contaminated

We coated the Profiler with two distinct materials; epoxy and bitumen. First layer on the Profiler's surface is two-component epoxy filler which we applied to whole length of the sensor as a thin layer. The second, two to three millimeter thick layer is bitumen, which covers upper part of the sensor. We installed the Profiler in a round test container made of 4 mm thick transparent plexiglass, which we then proceeded to partially fill with water and oil, leaving a column of gas (air) on top.

In the video, we proceed to drain the test container from the bottom. As the lowest layer – in this case water – is drained out of the container, oil layer is moving down in the container. The Profiler accurately detects the position and thickness of the oil layer, and accurately tracks it's movement downwards as it moves along the bitumen covered section towards the epoxy only covered section. This is the See Beyond -principle in action!

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Chemical Test With High Emulsion

In this test we see the emulsion detection capabilities of Rocsole Profiler and Emulsion Watch.

Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Sequence 4 Sequence 5
Add BCOT components — water, emulsion and oil at 36°C. Lower the testing setup and profiler to a heated bath at 44°C and wait for 17 minutes. Keep monitoring — no observable physical separation. Addition of 2000 ppm Hextar chemical at 44°C. Clear separation of oil and water phases observed in 3 minutes.
No separation observed. Profiler shows emulsified water separation.
█ Red curve – Profiler response, integral 42%. █ Black curve – Profiler response, integral 38%. █ Blue curve – Profiler response, integral 39%.
Profiler response, integral 42%. Profiler response, integral 38%. Profiler response, integral 39%.

Delivery Content

Rocsole Profiler delivery content includes:

  • Profiler
  • Electrical cabinet
  • All-in-One computer
  • Stainless steel cable (max. length 5m)
  • Power cable
  • Ex-e gland for power & RS-422

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Download delivery content with IECEx certification

Download delivery content with IECEx certification

Download delivery content with IECEx certification

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