Applications for Oil & Gas

Rocsole's Oil & Gas process monitoring applications are designed to ensure the best possible level of flow assurance. By seeing inside pipes and tanks in real-time, our systems allow you to overcome tough and costly flow assurance challenges, for example, prevention of deposition in pipes or optimization of emulsion layer thickness in separator tanks.

In order to make our systems safer for people and the environment, we utilize tomographic technologies that can perform the process imaging and measurement without using a radioactive source.

Core applications for Rocsole's systems in Oil & Gas.
Core applications for Rocsole's systems in Oil & Gas.

Pipeline Monitoring Products

Deposition Watch

Reduce deferred production, decrease downtime, save money, prevent pipeline blockages and more with the ultimate in deposition inspection accuracy.

Sand Watch

Prevent erosion, evaluate the efficiency of downhole sand control systems, and reduce the amount of sand to be processed at the surface level by monitoring sand buildup on the bottom of your pipelines—even in multiphase flow containing gas.

Flow Watch

Optimize pipe flow conditions, prevent conning in wells, prevent hydrate formation and corrosion through early detection of water holdup, and help improve mixing frequency by seeing pipeline multiphase flow regimes in real-time.

Tank Monitoring Products

Emulsion Watch

Improve separation efficiency, optimize the use of demulsifiers and avoid the cost of owning radioactive devices by seeing and measuring your tank's emulsion layer and obtaining a full profile of the separator tank.