Pioneering Tomographic Process Monitoring Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Rocsole is the world's leading provider of non-nuclear tomographic technology for industrial processes. Established in 2012, and venture-backed by Shell and Repsol, we serve some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, along with other heavy industries. Why? Because we remove doubt. Our solutions are especially effective in multiphase flows with deposition in process pipes and tanks, where current options in the market often fail. For companies preferring instead to succeed and excel, our solutions are trusted to actually see and effectively monitor deposition and flow regimes inside pipes and interfaces inside separator tanks.

Visionary and Hands-On

Key to our growth and differentiating us from competitors, our R&D team is continuously researching new ways to keep you on the leading edge. Delivering an innovative take on pipeline monitoring and measurement, we are the pioneer developer of tomography-based tools for the Oil & Gas industry. Most importantly, our technologies focus on practical applications. That's right—the kind that can be integrated into daily operations. As a result, we remove guessing and eliminate trial-and-error. Instead, we deliver accurate, real-time data on your assets.

Collaborative and Results-Driven

We are dedicated to delivering value to our clients through a game-changing approach. It's all about tangible results that drive operational excellence. For all projects, we work side-by-side with you, as one gathering of experts, to find new ways to improve your bottom line.

Strategically Located

You'll find our office in the epicenter of the Oil & Gas industry, Houston, Texas. Our Technology Center is located in Kuopio, Finland, a country that has historically dominated the top ranks of the Global Innovation Index (GII). We also maintain an extensive global network of sales representatives and subcontractors.

Leverage from the EU 2014-2020
The EU has granted Rocsole funding support.

PIGEX - The project will involve a market study to examine the US market as well as the suitability of our product portfolio in the US export market. The project also launches operational export activity and develops suitable target marketing.

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Pekka Kaunisto

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Harri Hedman

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James Walls

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