System Development

Have an industrial process measurement problem without a working solution?

We specialize in developing new and innovative solutions for tough process problems, that let you see inside process pipes and tanks for accurate process control. Each developed solution is tailored from start to finish to answer your unique needs and to provide you with maximum benefits. We work in close cooperation with our customers throughout the process.

Rocsole's Technology Platform

Rocsole utilizes a technology platform that enables us to effectively deliver tomographic monitoring solutions to the customer’s specific process problems. We develop a complete monitoring system, including mechanics, electronics and software design, prototype development and finally, onsite piloting of the system. Our systems have the ability to form an image of the processes inside tanks and pipes, from which measurement trends are then calculated. This data can be sent to the plant automation system for improved flow assurance and process control. The system works even in processes with multiphase flows, where typical measurement systems often fail.

Examples of Tomographic Measurement

Pipe Scaling

Multilayer Measurement

Rocsole's Core Competences

Optimized to develop and commercialize an innovative measurement system from an idea.

  • Measurement principles, including process tomography and optics
  • System design, including electronics and mechanical design
  • Data analysis
  • Testing in labs, computational test beds, and experimental plants
  • Piloting
  • Marketing and exploratory sales
  • Attitude - combining innovation with persistency

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Examples of Rocsole's Monitoring Solutions

Typical Development Process

Multiphase Pipe Flow Visualization with Process Tomography

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