Pipeline Deposition Scanning Service

Rocsole Deposition Watch smart pig pipeline scanning service helps you to prevent
blockages by allowing safe and cost-effective inspection of pipelines for deposition
build-up location, thickness, and type. Deposition Watch scanning service is performed
with an unique smart pig sensor that:

  • Enables inspection during production, because the sensor is non-invasive and
    works in a multiphase flow
  • Eliminates the risk of the sensor getting stuck in the pipe, because the sensor works without touching the pipe wall
  • Is safe to use due to the sensor technology being non-nuclear

Deposition Watch Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring

As a result of the inspection you will receive a visual report on the state of the deposition along the pipeline inspected. The report will help you to plan the clening operations and define the future deposition monitoring needs in order to optimize preventative maintenance actions, such pigging cycles and dosage of inhibitor chemicals. Rocsole Deposition Watch pipe sensor can be installed into the deposition problems spots for continuous monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Deposition Watch scanning service concept is currently in development and we are looking for pilot customers for scanning of the pipelines.

Contact Rocsole sales for more information about Deposition Watch pipeline deposition scanning service and pipe sensor.

Deposition Watch smart pig and pipe sensors utilize a non-nuclear ET technology - a tomographic technology enabling real-time imaging of process pipes and tanks.