Application Lab

Rocsole Application Lab gives you a cost-efficient and fast way to verify or test tomographic technology in your application. If you want to verify that our tomographic system can monitor the type of process media your process has or test the system's ability to monitor a completely new type of application, send us your samples and we will perform the tests. You will receive a report on the test results.

Rocsole Multiphase Loop Lab

In Rocsole Technology Center laboratory situated in Kuopio, Finland, we can perform quick static tests with test sensors or execute a more comprehensive pipeline or separator test in multiphase conditions.

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Application Lab Report Structure

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Benefits of Application Lab

  • Verification of the system’s ability provide value on-site
  • Ability to agilely test new applications

Example of a Field Test - Multiphase Pipe Flow Visualization

Multiphase Flow Visualization

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