Flow Watch Pipe Sensor

Visualize Pipeline Flow Regimes in Real-time for Production Optimization

Optimizing multiphase flows in pipelines is difficult without knowing exactly what happens inside the pipeline. As an example, the flow might contain unexpected gas slugs causing major problems further down in the process.

Finally, there is a solution tocontinuously monitor flow and address challenges associated with different flow regimes regime monitoring challenges. Flow Watch Pipe Sensor offers a new way to improve your flow assurance by showing a real-time view of the flow inside a pipeline. By utilizing non-nuclear electrical tomography technology, the system visualizes and monitors the flow regime, such as slugs, stratified flow, water holdup and homogeneity inside the pipeline on the entire cross-sectional area. With accurate online flow data it is possible to: 

  • Optimize pipe flow conditions to manage slugging, for example
  • Prevent conning in wells through early detection of water breakthrough
  • Detect water holdup in low spot pipeline bends to prevent hydrate formation and pipeline corrosion
  • Help improve mixing efficiency

Slug Flow Imaging Through Pipe Scaling 

Flow Watch Pipe Sensor is able to image the flow regime despite of a deposition build-up inside the pipe wall. The video below demonstrates an imaging of air slug flow in a pipeline with air-water multiphase flow and calcium carbonate scaling build-up inside the pipe sensor wall.

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Slug Flow 3D-Imaging in a Vertical Pipeline

Flow Watch Pipe Sensor imaging data showing gas slugs in oil-water-gas multiphase flow in a vertical pipeline.

Flow Watch Pipe Sensor

Deposition Watch

Pipe Sensor Models

  • Maximum pressure: 16 bar
  • Temperature range: +32 - +194 °F (0 - +90 °C)
High Pressure
  • Maximum pressure: 100 bar
  • Temperature range: +32 - +392 °F (0 - +200 °C)
Extra High Pressure
  • On request
*Maximum pressure might vary depending on the pipe size