Emulsion Watch

Emulsion Watch is separator level profiler probe that monitors multiple interfaces and thickness of the emulsion layer inside a separator without using a radioactive source. This offers the operators a possibility to optimize process cycles and chemical usage in a safe and cost-effective way. The system  works with solids, foams, liquids and gas.

Benefits of Emulsion Watch Separator Probe

  • Savings through optimized process cycles and chemical usage
  • Major savings of the produced materials
  • Savings in water treatment

Emulsion Watch contains no moving parts and has a high resistance for contamination, which means it demands minimal maintenance. It also doesn't contain any radioactive source, which makes it safe to use.

Emulsion Watch utilizesa non-nuclear ET technology - a tomographic technology enabling real-time imaging of process pipes and tanks. Process imaging and measurement is done by using Rocsole's probe sensor, which is simple to install and demand minimal amount of maintenance.

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Sand-Water-Oil Interface Imaging with a Clean and a Contaminated Probe

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