Process Monitoring Systems for Oil & Gas Industry

Rocsole’s oil & gas process monitoring systems are designed to ensure the best possible level of flow assurance. By seeing inside pipes and tanks in real-time, our systems allow you to overcome tough and costly flow assurance challenges, for example prevention of deposition in pipes or optimization of emulsion layer thickness in separator tanks.

In order to make our systems safer for people and the environment, we utilize tomographic technologies that can perform the process imaging and measurement without using a radioactive source.

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Deposition Watch
Monitors deposition buildup and slugs inside a pipeline. Suitable for example for paraffin wax, hard scale and hydrates.

Emulsion Watch
Monitors interfaces inside a separator. Solids, liquids, gas and emulsions in between.

Water Watch
Monitors water content in oil inside pipelines.

Sand Watch
Monitors sand buildup on the bottom of pipelines.

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Industrial Process Tomography

Rocsole's monitoring systems are based in tomographic technologies, which are non-invasive, non-nuclear techniques for cross sectional or 3D imaging of material properties and distributions in various industrial positions such as in pipes and tanks. Visit technology section for more information.

Pipe Deposition and Slug Flow 3D Imaging with Process Tomography

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