• 19.12.2014

    Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year!

    from Rocsole

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  • 03.12.2014

    Rocsole’s Chairman Anssi appointed as part-time Professor of Practice at the University of Eastern Finland

    from 1st of December 2014 to 30th of November 2017

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  • 27.11.2014

    Rocsole participates in SSIC Subsea Integrity Conference North Sea

    in December 2nd-3rd, 2014, Aberdeen, UK

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  • 24.11.2014

    Article about Rocsole in Tekniikka&Talous

    in November 21, 2014

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  • 21.11.2014

    Rocsole’s technology is used to optimize the use of antiscaling chemicals in Kemira KemGuard System

    marketed by Flowrox and Kemira

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  • 22.10.2014

    Another kids' coding school coming up!

    at Rocsole on November 22, 2014

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  • 07.10.2014

    Meet us at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) 2014

    in Amsterdam, October 27-29

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  • 19.08.2014

    Rocsole present at ONS 2014

    in Stavanger, Norway, August 25-28

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  • 27.06.2014

    Chairman of the Board Anssi Lehikoinen speaks at Teknologiakasvajat 2014

    in Helsinki, September 30, 2014

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  • 09.06.2014

    Rocsole accepted into a Tekes funded NIY2-program

    supporting promising young and innovative companies to start their global expansion

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  • 02.06.2014

    Rocsole present at Global Petroleum Show 2014

    10-12 June, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • 23.05.2014

    Rocsole organizes a children's coding school

    in Kuopio on June 14th

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  • 12.05.2014

    Rocsole focuses on comprehensive preventive pipeline maintenance

    specializing in pipeline buildup and corrosion

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  • 17.02.2014

    Meet us in World Heavy Oil Congress 2014

    in New Orleans, March 5-7

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  • 02.12.2013

    Rocsole establishes a joint venture with Flowrox

    to manufacture and globally distribute pipe scaling measurement solution

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  • 05.11.2013

    Rocsole participates in Chem Show 2013

    in New York City, December 10-12

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  • 04.11.2013

    Anssi speaks at Corporate Cleantech Venture Day ‘13

    in Lahti, Finland, 20th of November 2013

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  • 29.10.2013

    Rocsole present at Sense ’13 seminar

    October 30-31, in Espoo, Finland

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  • 10.06.2013

    Rocsole’s key persons involved in a new investment company

    established to help technology start-ups to grow

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  • 20.05.2013

    CEO Anssi Lehikoinen selected as the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

    in a competition organized by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and the Special Fund for Academic Entrepreneurship of KAUTE Foundation

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  • 13.05.2013

    Rocsole welcomes two new team members

    and reshapes the organization

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  • 01.05.2013

    Rocsole finished funding round with 1,3M Euros

    and entered Tekes’s Young Innovative Companies (NIY) program and the UCLA Anderson Global Access Program (GAP)

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  • 21.03.2013

    Anssi received young researcher’s award

    at the Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland

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  • 04.03.2013

    Meet us at ChemBio Finland 2013 exhibition

    in Helsinki 20.3. – 21.3.2013

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  • 01.03.2013

    Rocsole as a case company in TekesTalk roadshow

    in Kuopio 22.3.2013

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  • 06.02.2013

    Rocsole presented as case Born Global – how to commercialize technology

    in Talentree’s company blog

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  • 14.12.2012

    Merry Christmas!

    And a Successful New Year 2013!

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  • 06.12.2012

    Jari Kaipio received a significant award

    The President of Finland awarded Jari Kaipio, co-founder of Rocsole

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  • 13.09.2012

    Introducing the remarkable Team Rocsole

    Team of 9 extensive experts delivering hard solutions

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  • 09.08.2012

    Rocsole's Board of Directors was strengthened

    Board of Directors was strengthened

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  • 09.08.2012

    We have opened our office in Kuopio at Technopolis

    Rocsole opened a new office 

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  • 25.06.2012

    Rocsole closes the seed funding round in June 26th 2012

    Rocsole´s  business strategy and R&D plans received a significant grant

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  • 12.06.2012

    Rocsole and Outotec have signed an agreement on collaboration in May 30th 2012

    Rocsole and Outotec agreed on the EIT technology and business development in the Dairy and Pulp & Paper industries

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  • 08.06.2012

    Rocsole and Oplatek Group collaborate in the field of optics

    Rocsole and Oplatek Group has made a collaboration agreement to deepen their partnership.

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  • 23.04.2012

    New published

    New has now been published!

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