About Rocsole

A World Leading Provider of Tomographic Process Monitoring Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Rocsole is a leading provider of tomography technology for industrial processes. Established in 2012, and venture-backed by Shell and Repsol, the company serves some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, along with other heavy industries.

Rocsole’s key assets include  expertise, fluent development of solutions in cooperation with the client, and an innovative and progressive staff.

Rocsole's office is located in Houston, TX, USA and the company's Technology Center is situated in Kuopio, Finland. Rocsole also maintains an

extensive global network of sales representatives and subcontractors.

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The EU has granted the company funding support.
Rocsole EU
PIGEX - The project will attribute a market study examined the US market, as well as the suitability of the product portfolio in the US export market. In addition, the project launches operational export activity. In addition, a suitable target market marketing is drawn up.

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